Friday, April 23, 2010

Who doesn't like popcorn?

Poetry month, Day 23: Today's collection day dates back to 1988 and is dedicated to the memory of the great Arnold Lobel.

Knitted Things
There was a witch who knitted things:
Elephants and playground swings.
She knitted rain,
She knitted night,
But nothing really came out right.
The elephants had just one tusk
And night looked more
Like dawn or dusk.

--Karla Kuskin

I think mice
Are rather nice.
   Their tails are long,
   Their faces small,
   They haven't any
   chins at all.
   Their ears are pink,
   Their teeth are white,
   They run about
   The house at night.
   They nibble things
   They shouldn't touch
   And no one seems
   To like them much.
But I think mice
Are nice.

--Rose Fyleman

from Sing a Song of Popcorn: Every Child's Book of Poems, selected by Beatrice Schenk de Regniers, Eva Moore, Mary Michaels White and Jan Carr. Illustrated by nine Caldecott Medal artisits: Marcia Brown, Leo and Diane Dillon, Richard Egielski, Trina Schart Hyman, Arnold Lobel, Maurice Sendak, Marc Simont and Margot Zemach. Scholastic, 1988.

(Note: when quoting poems online, always include a full citation for the collection from which the poem originated. If the poem is not in the public domain (i.e. is still in copyright) abide by the principle of Fair Dealing in your use of the work.)

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