Sunday, April 4, 2010

More, more, bring on four.

There was a pigeon,
A mighty flier,
His friends all called him
Pigeon McGuire.

But he perched upon
An electric wire--
And that was the end of
Pigeon McGuire!

--Langston Hughes

from The Sweet and Sour Animal Book, alphabet animal poems by Langston Hughes; illustrated by the students of the Harlem School of the Arts. Oxford UP: 1994.

(Note: when quoting poems online, always include a full citation for the collection from which the poem originated. If the poem is not in the public domain (i.e. is still in copyright) abide by the principle of Fair Dealing in your use of the work.)


  1. Like this one. And I'd not known that Hughes wrote anything for children.

  2. Kids love this kind of humour! I will have a look for it in the library.

  3. Hughes' poetry is so wonderful - beautiful, yet still really kid-friendly.


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