Thursday, April 15, 2010

More Home and Native Poems

Poetry Month, Day 15. Here's a collection of poetry from a variety of fine Canadian poets. The poems aren't particularly Canadian in their subject matter--even if this one does have a down-homey Maritime feel to it:

When Grandpa Gets to Fiddling
When Grandpa lifts his violin
And props it 'neath his chin,
I can hardly hold my horses
For the dancing to begin.

My fingers snap, my knuckles knock,
My toes begin to tap.
My shoulders shrug, my elbows bend,
My hands begin to clap.

And very soon I'm whirling, twirling,
Jumping to the beat.
I hop and bounce, I somersault,
And land back on my feet.

I samba, stomp and jitterbug,
I mambo, jig and spin,
When Grandpa gets to fiddling
And plays his violin.

--Robin Patterson

from Canadian Poems for Canadian Kids, edited by Jen Hamilton; Illustrated by Merrill Fearon. With a foreword by P.K. Page. Subway Books, 2005.

(Note: when quoting poems online, always include a full citation for the collection from which the poem originated. If the poem is not in the public domain (i.e. is still in copyright) abide by the principle of Fair Dealing in your use of the work.)

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