Monday, December 13, 2010

December 13th: Book Wink

So many of the links so far on this advent calendar have been for younger children. Perhaps there's something about picture books that lend themselves to web extension. I'm not sure what that might be, though, because for me, picture books are all about the luxury of slow reading while the web is all about excitable, frenetic clicking.

Today's link, however, is pitched to slightly older children. Book Wink is a child-focussed book talk and book review site. Here you can listen to informative video podcasts, each of which showcases one or several contemporary children's books for children in Grades 3-8. Follow the links from these video pages to get lists of read alikes, or simply access the long list of authors, titles, or subjects from the home page. Enjoy.


  1. This might be my favourite so is hard coming up with new books for our eldest. She reads constantly and sticks with what she is familiar with and it is hard for me to judge what is appropriate for her age and level which don't line up all the time. She is definitely not ready (at about to turn 10) for a lot of the tween stuff. I bought her The 39 Clues starter boxed set for Christmas.

    This site is great for ideas. I am always checking Chapters and Scholastic and our library site. This is far better than any of those.

    Thanks again! How is the snow? We finally have a little white our way.

  2. Jenifer: It's all rain, rain, rain here. I may launch an ark soon. I'm glad you found this site useful. I like it a lot too.

  3. Thank you - I will definitely put this my older son's way...

    And thank you, Sue, for this wonderful series of advent posts you are putting together. I've had a glut now but I'll be back for my daily fix now :-)


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