Sunday, December 12, 2010

December 12th: Little Critter

Note to self: in future be wary of commitments to post 7 days a week during the month of December. Phew. Now onwards.

Today's link is to the Little Critter World-Wide Network. Here you will find all sorts of games and activities centred around Mercer Meyer's beloved books. There's colouring pages, dot-to-dots, interactive games, story-time movies, sing-a-long song sheets and Shockwave-enabled read-to-learn pages. If you have a little critter yourself, he or she will be kept well-occupied on this website.


  1. Oh the Critters! Middle daughter still loves these guys. I can't wait to show her the website. Given the time constraints at this time of year...tomorrow will be the link and a smiley? I wouldn't complain!

  2. Lots to do here! My kids have left Little Critter behind, but I think this site will entice them to visit with him again. I had fun playing with it last night.

    (I was waiting for your post yesterday, and thinking perhaps you had some posts scheduled in advance, because daily posting is demanding any time!)


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