Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Beautiful Book #12

The Onion's Great Escape by Sara Fanelli. Phaidon, 2012.

Part activity book, part metaphysics primer, and part tool for exercising critical thinking skills, The Onion's Great Escape is a gateway to unlimited fascinating conversations no matter what the age of its readers. The book's titular character lives in fear of her certain fate: ending up in the Big Fry. Only you can release her by answering a series of questions which run the gamut from "What is your earliest memory" to "Who decides what is good or bad?" Italian-British author/illustrator, Sara Fanelli, always creates beautiful books, but this one is a joy both physically and intellectually. The toughest challenge for the reader is deciding whether or not to set the onion free by physically removing her from the book, thus destroying the book in the process. A book lover's conundrum indeed.

If you like the pictures below and want to see more of Fanelli's work, The Guardian has a slide show gallery of her book art here:


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