Thursday, February 10, 2011

Excellent resource: Picturing Books

Over the last few years, I have given several workshops on visual literacy and the picture book. I've also written quite a bit about it on this blog. It's one of my favourite topics to discuss with students and educators because it's one of my favourite pastimes to pursue. When new picture books come into the library, first I do a little happy dance in my office and then, more often than not, I am the first to sign them out.

A couple of months ago I stumbled upon this excellent website that's devoted to the picture book. The most interesting part of the site, from an academic standpoint, is The Palette section that's listed on the left-hand side bar. Here you will find numerous slide shows that explain in detail the complex sophistication of the picture book form. One of the slideshows, this picture book timeline, makes for a perfect coffee- or lunch-break escape.


  1. That is a totally cool site. Thanks.

    (BTW, the Palette is on the left. I thought it was me, because I don't really know left from right well. Apparently you don't either! Another reason I love you.)

  2. Oops. Off to edit. This was so much easier in the days of handwriting. Then I always had a callus on my middle finger to remind me of right from left.

  3. I love this site and can't wait to have more time to look around. Thanks Sue, with a two year old I am back to revisiting picture books.

  4. I MUST get a print of Slovenly Peter. I found the image in the timeline and just about keeled over in the shock of recognizing my dear son.

    I was surprised at how old some of those familiar works are. And as always, I was very moved by the breadth and depth of the art.


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